Do You Really Need A Website in 2021?

Websites were all the rage after the dotcom bubble in 1995 but let’s be honest… times have changed since then!

So do you really even need a website in 2021 and beyond?

After all, with the ever-changing digital trends and the amount of different platforms being popping up every day, it can be a nightmare just trying to keep up!

You may even just feel a bit like throwing in the towel in sometimes, especially when the latest ‘guru’ on the street tells you to now get a TikTok account or sign up to Clubhouse

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In all seriousness though; you’ve probably heard people saying that you NEED a new website at some point or that a website is vital for your business.

But you may be asking yourself…

“Do I really need a website right now?” 

Well in all honesty…possibly not

(and that’s coming from a Digital Marketing Agency😆) 

But there are a few things you’ll want to consider before you make a decision

What is a website actually for?

In the online world, your website effectively becomes your HQ…. 

It’s your online storefront and the place people initially come to learn about you and your business. 

Without one, it may raise suspicions for people searching for your company in Google or other search engines.

Can you use Social Media instead of a website?

One thing is for certain; there will always be new apps, platforms, and social media trends popping up.

LinkedIn on laptop instead of website

But regardless of what new channels get added each year, the trusty website has always remained at the core.

Just think about the typical way you research a new brand or business that you’re considering.

You probably go to Google first and check out their website right?

You may then jump on the social channels to see how they operate as a brand, how they sound and what are others saying about them. 

The important thing to remember here is, FIRST IMPRESSIONS ARE EVERYTHING; and your website is typically the first place people will go!

So do you really need a website in 2021?

Whilst a website can certainly help to build credibility and help customers find you organically, you certainly don’t NEED a website to run a business.

In fact, we know several successful entrepreneurs who have built their business up to multiple six figures a year using nothing but a appointment scheduling app and payment gateway.

Another option is to just create a simple lead generation funnel using a landing page or squeeze page like the example below.

It’s worth bearing in mind that these kind of pages typically aren’t going to be as easy to optimise for SEO so you may be limited on options for growth.

However, it can be a great way to get started and begin generating leads online. Lead generation funnels will typically even have higher conversion rates than a website due to the focused nature.

We’ve put together a free pre-made lead generation funnel (including the page shown above) for you to get started with below. We’ve also partnered up with Convertri to offer you a 14 days free trial on their drag and drop page builder software so you can customise the pages for your own business!

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What kind of businesses need a website?

Your business model and stage of growth will also largely impact whether or not you need a website.

For example, a sales consultant may not need a website to begin with. After all, they can probably create decent initial growth from doing outbound sales. They might do this by utilising a platform like LinkedIn and using accounting software to manage client payments.

However, when the time comes for them to automate and scale, they will definitely need a website to help them systematise. A website will also allow them to start generating inbound inquiries without having to constantly hunt.

On the other hand, a store owner looking to sell high value physical products online will greatly benefit from a website. Especially if they want to avoid substantial seller fees that come from using a third party marketplace like Amazon or Etsy.

Ultimately, your website should be an investment that generates returns year after year.

A business website shouldn’t just be something to have for the sake of it…

That’s why whenever we work with our clients on a new website build. We also work together on creating a plan for profit which is an action plan to get the website to pay for itself several times over.

Can your customers actually find you online without a website? (Inbound Marketing)

Considering over 90% of people start a search with google first. If people can’t find you by typing your company name into Google, that’s going to raise some serious alarm bells. 

That’s why the initial search matters!

But then what if you do have an old website that you created when you first started out…

Surely that counts for something? 

Well, it’s a start but consider that most people will form an opinion about your business within the first few seconds of being on your website.

For that reason, having a great quality website that really speaks to your audience and stands out from the crowd can become incredibly important. 

What else can website do for your business?

It’s also important to think about what a website can really do for your business. 

Many businesses will start off with a simple “brochure” style website.

This might contain some basic information about the business, their products and their services. 

But with time and a clearly defined mission and strategy, your website can become so much more than that! 

When done correctly, a website can also be used to drive valuable, targeted visitors to your website at EXACTLY the right time.

This can be done through something like an SEO campaign.

Some businesses may even host a membership site or online course to starting generating some additional passive income streams.

So in summary…

Do you really need a website in 2021? No…

But can a website be useful in helping you grow and scale? Absolutely!

Especially when you consider it can serve as the hub for almost every element of your business and give you near limitless options for organic growth!

A good website should ALWAYS deliver HUGE returns on investment when done right so just make sure you have a clear marketing plan before you make the investment.

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