New Facebook Lead Generation Tools

It looks like Facebook has been working behind the scenes to give businesses and brands the tools to make lead generation easier than ever!

Facebook Ads Lead Generation Bots

Back at their F8 2019 conference, they revealed they’d be adding a lead-generation template to Ads Manager.

Word on the street is that this template will begin rolling out this week.

It may even be available to some users now.

The new template will give businesses the ability to create simple lead generation bots using the messenger platform.

Book An Appointment Tool

Another feature they are pushing is the Appointments Booking feature.

This could make it easier than ever for service-based businesses to start generating leads.

The feature is currently available across both the Instagram & Facebook platforms. It also supports a number of booking and calendar system integrations meaning leads can booking appointments direct.

With further developments planned, we could potentially see more integrations and multiple different uses for this feature.

Facebook has been criticised over the past few years of severely dampening organic reach of business pages.

This is undoubtedly an attempt to push business users towards Facebook Ads. But features like this at least go some way to supporting smaller businesses businesses with their lead generation.

If you’re looking for a platform with more organic reach, it’s worth checking out LinkedIn.

There’s huge organic reach potential right now with thousands of new users signing up each day.

If you haven’t already got yourself on Linkedin, you can check out our latest blog about marketing on Linkedin here.

Facebook Shopping Posts

Facebook are also now testing shopping posts across the Instagram and Facebook platforms.

This could be used as a Dynamic Ad variant which is great news for e-commerce store owners! In a nutshell, this new feature means your customers will be able to checkout and purchase items directly from the feed.  

The direct-from-feed style checkout removes friction in the buying process. As such, it could substantially increase conversion rates. Not to mention, it will provide much easier re-targeting for users who expressed interest but abandoned their cart.


Facebook Shopping Posts Selling Kettle With Checkout Page
What do you think about these new features? Are they something you’ll be using?
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