How We Helped A Surgical Education Company Increase Their Average Conversion Rate By 566%

About Rimasys Group

Rimasys Group is setting new standards in surgical education and the MedTech industry through realistic high-fidelity training and interaction solutions.

They have partnerships with hospital chains, global organizations and medical societies to help drive the adoption and advancement in the next generation’s surgical community.

The problem…

The Marketing team at Rimasys Group approached us initially for help with one of their new brands, World Surgery Tour TV.

WST TV is new video on-demand platform seeking to make high quality surgical training available on-demand to surgeons all over the world.

Whilst they had some initial success within their direct network, they were struggling to find traction within the wider surgical community due to this being a brand new concept that many weren’t familiar with.

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Our findings…

After reviewing the current marketing efforts, we found the advertising was quite broad and the website itself was also fairly confusing.

This was resulting in a high bounce rate, low overall conversions and a very high cost-per-lead.

Our solution…

The first step was optimising the sign up process to improve clarity whilst also reducing friction and doubt that was preventing people from progressing.

We did this by addressing any key objections someone might have when signing up, such as…”Can I try before I sign up?” “What if I don’t get value from it, can I cancel my membership?” “Will cancelling by easy or will it be a complex process that I don’t have time for?”

Most companies will simply put this information on an FAQ page. However, the vast majority of visitors unfortunately end up leaving a site as soon as these doubts arise, before even reaching your FAQ

As such, we decided to address these concerns with the signup process itself to remove friction for potential customers and reduce the drop-off rate.

Google Ads Success Story Elevate Digital

Next we needed to focus on the core traffic sources, Google Ads & Facebook Ads.

When looking at the Google Ads account, we realised a lot of budget was being consumed by very broad keywords, like “knee surgery videos” that don’t necessarily indicate the searcher is a surgeon.

In fact, a lot of the searches may have been coming from patients who are due to undergo a certain surgery or even family members/loved one’s doing their research.

Once we’d cleared up the Google Ads targeting, we then looked at the Facebook Ads campaigns. 

The current campaigns were trying to get a cold audience to sign up for the platform straight out of the gate.

But when you’re creating a new category like this, or introducing an offering that the market may not be used to, it’s critical to generate and build demand first, through education and content, before trying to capture leads.

Google Ads Success Story Elevate Digital

As such we worked with the Rimasys team to create a full-funnel content strategy based around value-driven content, whilst also leveraging interviews and discussions with other surgeons.

This was an important step to show peer-approval of the concept from within the surgical community before eventually offering them to sign up for the platform.

All of these changes combined help to take the average website conversion rate from 0.36% to around 2.4% average within the first 6 months

Google Ads Success Story Elevate Digital

Overall results achieved 📈


Increase In Average Conversion Rate

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