How we helped an education platform build out a repeatable acquisition system

About Morely Group

Morely Group is a rapidly growing education company and retail platform teaching people how to start a business dropshipping luxury goods.

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The problem…

Morely Group had seen amazing success in building an organic social media following across TikTok and Instagram by documenting their own journey with flipping & re-selling high-end designer goods.

However, having recently set up a new high-ticket online course, they were keen to get the course out to the masses through paid advertising but were unsure where to start.

They had started running boosted ads on Instagram but were finding it very difficult to identify if leads were coming from their organic content or boosted posts.

They also found that a lot of leads who were signing up for a call to learn about the course weren’t showing up to the calls or cancelling last minute.

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Our findings…

After reviewing the current boosted posts and funnel we found the target was very broad and the content was trying to sell the program before first educating people on the business model.

There was also minimal follow-up in place to get leads excited about the calls they had booked onto which is a common cause of high drop-off rates

Our solution…

Our first step was to set up a dedicated call-booking funnel.

We got the team at Morely to record a thank you video that people saw immediately after booking that walked through what to expect as well as results from their current members/students.

This helped to increase the show-rate on calls, meaning every lead had a higher chance of converting to a sale.

The next step was to rebuild the ad campaigns within campaign manager. This gives us far more control over targeting.

Morely also had a huge library of value-driven content across their socials, like  podcasts snippets, how-to videos as much more but this wasn’t currently being used.

We repurposed this content for the advertising campaigns to help first build trust with our audience and educate them on the opportunity. This was a critical step to reducing the overall cost-per-lead and improving the overall lead quality as people have a better idea of what they’re signing up to learn about.

We also experimented with a number of different audience stack on Facebook to find the audience who were showing the highest engagement with the content.

Even though the objective at this stage wasn’t to generate leads, we began to see initial leads coming through so this allowed us to further zone in to the key audiences.

We then started to build an omni-present organic approach covering both YouTube and Google Search.

This would typically be longer-form content (5 minutes or above).

This is different from only creating content on social media, as once you have content ranking in Google or YouTube, it can bring you thousands of views every single day for years to come.

With social media on the other hand, you need to be creating content almost daily to maintain visibility. 

The other benefit to creating this long-form organic content for search engines, is that people are specifically looking for that thing, instead of stumbling across something in their feed.

In a nutshell, when anybody searched for anything to do with luxury designer businesses or dropshipping businesses, we wanted to have valuable content for them. That way, people would associate Morely Group as the expert/authority in the space

We could also see which kind of videos, thumbnails, images, etc…were performing best using the insights/data from our paid media campaigns.

This would in-turn help to drive the organic content strategy going forward as we know what kind of content our audience resonated with the most, making it easier for the team to gain organic rankings.

Once the campaigns started to scale and we were starting to generate a high volume of leads (both from organic and paid), we then set up multiple layers of retargeting campaigns to cover prospects at each stage of the buyer journey.

But we don’t just stop at retargeting website visitors who hadn’t signed up…

For example, people who had signed up on the website, but not yet booked a call, would see urgency-based ads like below to book a call before spots were booked up for the month.

That way every individual is seeing content specifically tailored to them

And since the team were using Active Campaign for their CRM, we were able to see exactly where people were at in the buyer journey and create custom retargeting audiences on Facebook and other platforms based on specific actions they had taken

For example, we could retarget a specific audience of people who who had booked a call, and been engaged with the email, but not yet signed up to the course.

We would generally choose to run case study ads to this kind of audience as they were very hot prospects, but just often needed to hear from others…

Within the first few months we were able to achieve a £3 average cost per lead and sub £40 average cost per booked call

Overall results achieved 📈

Blended Return On Ad Spend

Revenue Generated In The First 3 Months


Conversion Rate

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