How We Helped An Employee Wellbeing Platform Increase Pipeline Velocity & ARR

About Juno

Juno is the world’s first on-demand wellbeing provider.

Most companies waste thousands, if not millions on benefits that only a handful of employees actually value. Instead of this dated approach, Juno connect staff directly to awesome providers so they can define what wellbeing means to them. 

This helps employers to boost morale, increase productivity and improve overall wellbeing in the workplace

The problem…

Juno were struggling to stand out in a market of very established “employee benefits” platforms.

In reality, the software they were offering was much more of an employee wellbeing solution, but the there wasn’t really anything else like this in the market.

As such, there was a big challenge in helping potential buyers to understand this new category Juno had created which was going to be essential in differentiating themselves from the competition.

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Our findings…

At the time of our engagement, Juno were going through a lot of changes on the branding side and working on their messaging. This naturally presented a problem in clarity when going out to the market.

However, the mission they were on was clear, so we decided to focus on the content side through the LinkedIn Ads campaigns to start generating demand and gradually helping to educate buyers on the difference between Juno and typical employee wellbeing or employee benefits platforms.

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VP Growth @ Juno

Our solution…

We decided to use LinkedIn as our main paid media channel, as it allowed us to specifically target our ideal target persona (Head of HR, HR Director, Chief People Officer, etc…).

We crafted a content strategy to help educate potential buyers on the difference between Juno and typical employee wellbeing or employee benefits platforms.

However, the key with any advertising campaign is to ensure that it doesn’t feel like advertising.

As such we focused initially on value-driven top of funnel content, that we knew our target audience would naturally want to consume in their feed. This involved repurposing webinars, keynotes speeches and other existing content to provide value to the market, whilst establishing Juno as an authority and thought-leader in the space.

Google Ads Success Story Elevate Digital
Google Ads Success Story Elevate Digital

We saw phenomenal results from this campaign with view rates above 90% and completions rates, on 2-minute+ videos above 25%.

In fact, we even started to get comments from other founders on how good the content was because we weren’t simply relying on promoting.

Google Ads Success Story Elevate Digital

Next we began, retargeting the audience with traffic campaigns driving them to informational blogs/articles on the Juno website to further educate them on why traditional employee benefits don’t work.

Since they were now on the Juno website, they had the opportunity to also learn more about the company (WITHOUT selling) whilst still simultaneously delivering practical value to the visitor.

Google Ads Success Story Elevate Digital

All of these small touch points combined help to build huge trust and credibility with our audience (essential conditions to a successful conversion).

Another common problem in the tech space, is potential buyers are very sceptical about booking onto demo calls, when they aren’t 100% sure the platform can actually help them.

Most companies hide behind their demo booking form so we took a different approach by focusing on buyer enablement, instead of trying to simply bribe people into a demo.

We ran bottom of funnel ads, with personal videos from the Juno sales team addressing key concerns/questions about the platform.

Google Ads Success Story Elevate Digital

We also put an ungated mini demo on the signup page so that users could better understand how the platform works, before even asking them to book a demo or speak to a sales rep.

This small change alone helped us achieve around 24% more demo bookings from the page

Google Ads Success Story Elevate Digital

This content also had a huge impact on how prospects were moving through the buying cycle as they were already showing up to the sales call, ready to buy, instead of the sales team having to pitch them over several months.

All of this resulted in a dramatic decrease in the average time to close a deal coming down from around 70 days, all the way to 7 days.

Google Ads Success Story Elevate Digital

Overall results achieved 📈


Increase In Overall Pipeline Velocity

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