How we helped a tech start-up reduce their acquisition cost 

About Flexa

Flexa Careers is an innovative platform designed to bridge the gap between flexible companies and top talent, ensuring transparency along the way. They help forward-thinking companies to attract top talent by showcasing their flexibility as employers, whilst also helping candidates to find new roles that suite their lifestyle and needs.

Flexa Careers

The problem…

Flexa needed to scale their D2C candidate acquisition campaigns in order to help increase the value proposition for employers on the B2B side.

These goals were also important in helping to raise their next funding round.

The issue is, their D2C acquisition costs were rising and B2B lead generation was hit-and-miss.

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Our findings…

After reviewing the ad content for D2C acquisition, we found the copy/headlines felt very generic in nature.

They were also using repetitive stock imagery which can significantly hurt the performance of social ad campaigns.

This combined with a lack of re-targeting meant ads were fatiguing very quickly causing performance to suffer. 

On the B2B side, Flexa had a great quiz for employers to test their workplace flexibility. However, the positioning of the quiz itself needed work, and the overall user journey for employers was confusing, causing a major bottleneck in conversions. They were also disappointed by the lack of quiz submissions who were going to to booking a call with their sales team

Our solution…

Firstly we worked with Flexa to to suggest a number of optimisation and a/b tests to run on the website in order to improve the customer journey and bump up the conversion rate

We also analysed key areas of drop-off such as B2B leads who were going cold after submitting the quiz. As such, we suggested implementing a video upon completion to help build a personal connection and outline clear next steps.

This helped to bump up the number of leads who would go onto booking a call post-submission.

Next we worked on generating demand, by implementing top of funnel, value-driven ads targeted to key decision makers at our target companies. 

We took a cross-channel approach here across Facebook, LinkedIn and also Google Search, by targeting informational search keywords that our potential buyers may have been searching for at the time.

The blog content visitors landed on helped establish Flexa as an expert in the space whilst also funnelling visitors into the quiz by using contextual CTA’s throughout…

Finally, we would then retarget all of those top of funnel video views and website visitors with highly relevant ads designed to drive conversions

The results were phenomenal, leading to Flexa being able to grow the team and also successfully securing their next funding round!

Here’s what Molly & Maurice had to say after our initial engagement:

Overall results achieved 📈

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