How We Helped A Coach Achieve a 32X ROAS From Facebook Ads

About RS Transformations

Rob Sewell is a transformational coach who’s purpose in life is to:  “Help people to uncover their true purpose and find a new direction, creating lasting change in their lives aligned with their higher self”.

The problem…

Rob came to us as he’d been having some incredible results for his clients in his new online program but was unsure how to scale the business.

He was also unsure about which platform to run ads on.

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Our findings…

After several in-depth conversations with Rob about his offering and his target audience, we found that Facebook Ads would be a great place to start scaling due to the interest-based targeting on the platform. The demographics of Facebook users also fit nicely with Rob’s target customer.

As such, we advised Rob to create some value-driven video content speaking into some very specific pain-points that we can use in the ad campaigns to help get our ideal customer to raise their hand.

The team at Elevate were able to design a Facebook marketing campaign that brought me a whopping 600% ROI in my first month of working with them.

Rob Sewell

Founder @ RS Transformations

Our solution…

We approached the campaign initially by running this value-driven video content to highly-targeted cold audiences (based on the interests and psychographics Rob gave us about his target persona).

The initial goal at this stage was to rapidly test a number of cold audiences to find one that showed the most engagement with the content. This serves as an indication we have found the right people who resonate with the problems Rob was talking about in the video.

We then retargeted the most engaged views of that video content with a conversion campaign pushing people toward a free 7-day challenge where Rob would then guide people through an initial transformation before selling them into his course. We managed to achieve a sub £5 cost per lead (for challenge signups).

This eventually resulted in an initial ROAS of 6x once the challenge had finished, and eventually a 32x ROAS following further lead nurture campaigns on the backend.

Google Ads Success Story Elevate Digital

Overall results achieved 📈

Return On Ad Spend

Through a highly targeted Facebook Ads campaign consistent of both top of funnel content and retargeting for conversions

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