How we helped a wellness event generate over 6,000 signups in 30 days

About Om & Bass

Om & Bass was the UK’s first wellbeing and music festival, with thousands of attendees and fans from all over the world.

The problem…

The founder of Om & Bass, Rach Cox initially approached us to help with advertising her live events as the current ad campaigns were getting thousands of clicks but no sales.

The majority of sales were coming from word of mouth, posters, flyers, and previous attendees.

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Our findings…

On the surface, it looked like the Facebook Ads Om & Bass were running had been costing them more than they were making. There also appeared to be huge gaps in the ad tracking due to third-party ticketing platforms not being properly integrated into Facebook.

However, shortly after our initial engagement, the first lockdown was announced!

All events had to be cancelled and as such the business suffered massive losses during this time which threw another spanner in the works

Our solution…

Instead of giving up, we decided to work with Om & Bass to take the event online.

We identified a virtual events platform called HeySummit and crafted a marketing strategy leveraging key influencers, teachers and speakers from the event.

This strategy involved, regular live sessions, and interviews with key influencers leading up to the event.

We would also tag them on socials and ask them to re-post or share, meaning we were also able to tap into their audiences, meaning we had a combined reach of over 5 million people.

 We made the event free in order to attract initial signups, with the ability for attendees to upgrade their ticket to access bonus classes and recordings of all sessions.

We then created a dedicated sales funnel to optimise for maximum conversions, whilst also encouraging every sign up to share the event with friends to have a chance of winning a free ticket upgrade.

Om & Bass Funnel

We also followed this up with a promo video, retargeting everyone who had engaged with our initial round of content like speaker intereviews.

Within the first 30 days, we had reached over 500,000 people organically through the organic content strategy and gained over 6,000 signups for the first online event with around 2% going onto upgrade their ticket.

This resulted in over £10,000 in revenue and over 4,000 new leads generated for Om & Bass, all with zero ad spend.

We’ve since run multiple online events which have attracted world renowned guests like WimHof (The Iceman), Rhonda Byrne (Author of The Secret) and comedian JP Sears.

Most recently, now the lockdown is finished we have been working on re-vamping the live events strategy through a full funnel marketing campaign, involving different types of content at each stage of the funnel

Om & Bass Events Marketing Strategy - Facebook Ads

This new approach took campaigns which were previously just about breaking even and ocasionally even losing money…

To now making over 3x ROAS on average as we gradually scale the campaigns to a wider audience.

Overall results achieved 📈

Sold Out Events

Average Return On Ad Spend

New Leads Generated Organically

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