How we helped an online store achieve 2,900% revenue increase

About Buy Flooring Online

Buy Flooring Online is one of the UK’s leading online flooring retailers, specialising in underlay and flooring accessories.

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The problem…

When we first started working with Buy Flooring Online, they were primarily selling directly through their sister company and London-based warehouse and trade counter.

The e-commerce store was set up specifically to help drive online growth, but after 2 years, the website was seeing minimal traction, despite spending money on ads, and struggling to get beyond £10k per month in sales

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Our findings…

The website was not optimised for SEO and also had a number of major conversion bottlenecks resulting in a poor conversion rate.

The ads were also targeting keywords that were far too broad and did not display any level of buyer-intent. This is a mistake we often see with companies running ads for the first time.

Our solution…

The initial step was to address the quick-wins, we started by optimising the ad campaigns to target high-intent keywords only.

This took the company from losing money on ads, to generating over a 20x ROAS within the first month

Google Ads Success Story Elevate Digital

We then scaled these campaigns to also incorporate more profitable items.

Naturally, higher value items also attract a higher CPC, so we had to find the right keywords and delivery mechanisms that allowed us to cotinue acquiring customers profitably.

After several months of testing and iteration on the Google Ads we managed to get the higher value items also returning a healthy profit and are currently sitting at a 8X blended ROAS

Google Ads Success Story Elevate Digital

Next, we focused on optimising the website from both a conversion rate perspective, and also to help bump up the average order value (AOV) through offering upsells/cross-sells in a seamless user experience.

These changes would help us to ensure there was more profit in each and every sales being generated

We worked with their developers to help suggest key changes in order to drive these results.

This resulted in almost doubling both the AOV and conversion rate over the next 12 months of testing/experimentation

Within the first 2 years, we helped the store go from being stuck at around £5k per month to breaking through £50k per month

We then helped them expand into multiple channels including Amazon and eBay, which resulted in a further 3x increase in monthly revenue

Next we focused on building up organic traffic through monthly digital PR activities and search engine optimisation. After the first year of efforts here, we saw a HUGE spike position 1 rankings and organic traffic as Google began to see the website as more authoritative.

We are currently working with them on further optimisations and growth to the store including email marketing campaigns using Klaviyo. 

Overall results achieved 📈

Reutrn On Ad Spend

After Identifying conversion bottlenecks and optimising the customer journey for an ecommerce brand


Increase In Revenue

By building and implementing a new full-funnel marketing strategy, utilising both SEO and Paid Advertising

Increase In AOV & Conversion Rate

For an events company who were previously losing money on Facebook Ads and struggling to track results


Increase In Organic Traffic

After updating and optimising existing website content for a B2B software company

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