How We Helped An Accountancy Firm Reduce Lead Cost By 900%

About Rodliffe Accounting

Rodliffe Accounting are a top accountancy firm in London who have helped over 2,000 clients to manage their accounts more efficiently whilst saving money on tax

The problem…

David Hughes, Managing Director of Rodliffe Accounting approached us after being left frustrated with the performance of their current website.

The website was built with the intention of generating them leads but despite investing in Google Ads every month, they were only getting about 1-2 leads per year if they were lucky!

Most of their business was coming from word of mouth and referrals…

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Our findings…

Upon reviewing the website, we found it was extremely confusing from a UX standpoint and did not establish any trust/credibility with potential customers.

Instead the website talked about how great Rodliffe is and all the awards they’ve won…

Google Ads Success Story Elevate Digital

This is a common mistake we see on websites, where they only focus on talking about the business itself and not about your potential customers.

This is an extremely important element of a high converting website as people want to first know you understand them, before they’re willing to listen to how and why you’re able to help…

After one day of the new website going live, I received my 1st new direct Calendly booking, and we got the business straight away. PPC now pays for itself and the website will pay for itself almost immediately.”

David Hughes

Managing Director @ Rodliffe Accounting

Our solution…

We went back to the drawing board on the website copy to really craft some messaging that would resonate with Rodliffe’s target audience.

We also created dedicated pages for each services, and industry Rodliffe worked with. These pages served to show potential customers that Rodliffe really understood their unique needs.

We also implemented a quick quote calculator so customers had a very clear call-to-action instead of having to fish around for a contact form.

Google Ads Success Story Elevate Digital

Next, we set up a new PPC campaign for them, targeting high intent keywords and driving them through to specific landing pages for each search term. This resulted in a huge increase in lead flow…

“4 weeks into the PPC campaign using the old rubbish website we had more new enquiries in that time than we had received in the last 4 years previously.”

Overall results achieved 📈

Increase In Website Conversion Rate

Since launching the new website with the new instant quote calculator

Reduction In Cost Per Lead

After launching their new website and optimising the Google Ads campaign to target higher-intent search terms

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