The Ultimate Local Marketing How-To Guide

Are you looking to win the local marketing scene in your area?

If you want your business to succeed, a great hook and exceptional service are not enough anymore. You need to have a great presence online to get customers to notice your business and use your services. With over 5.9 million businesses to compete with, you’ll need a killer strategy to avoid getting drowned out.

This won’t happen to your business, though, as long as you have a good marketing strategy set up.

A good way to ensure your business’s survival and growth is to have a great local-centralized marketing strategy. Local area marketing is a great way to generate leads and build a reputation as a starting business or to extend your reach further.

Read on to find out how you can improve your marketing strategy. Strengthen your business and become your own marketing guru today.

1. Invest in Search Engine Optimization

What you need to make your marketing strategy work is a good business website. Designing a website alone is hard. Making sure the elements of the landing page will bode well with your audience is a tedious but rewarding task.

Making it pretty isn’t enough, though. You must also optimize your website to have a good score on search engines like Google or Yahoo. This is the first step to making sure your marketing strategy has a chance of succeeding.

A good SEO score allows you to appear higher on search engine results pages. This means more people will see it first before other websites, increasing traffic to your website.

A website with a poor design will cause lower rankings. It can also result in search engines removing your website from their list as they may think they’re spam websites.

A good and easy way to ensure that doesn’t happen is to list your business on Google My Business. GMB helps your website appear on top of any relevant search. It also helps others reach your business as users look up other businesses related to yours.

2. Make Your Website Compatible with Mobile Devices

Recent SEO algorithm changes prioritize websites compatible with mobile devices. More people access the internet through their mobile devices than on desktops. Since the difference between mobile screens and desktop is big, websites without mobile compatibility face issues when opened on a mobile device.

Most websites are too small to view because they’re not scaled to mobile resolutions. Others have non-functioning elements, making them useless to mobile users.

Optimizing your website for mobile users will ensure you get them as visitors and potential customers. Doing this will also help increase your website’s SEO ranking.

3. Reach Your Demographic with PPC

Pay-per-click ads (PPC) are great to get even more people to your website. This works by targeting people on the internet who may have an interest in your services. It’s a more efficient marketing method as it ensures a higher ROI sooner.

To get started on PPC ads, you must first bid on a keyword for you to use. Keywords popular in the area are best to bid on. Doing this ensures your local marketing strategy becomes stronger.

The next step is to bid for your ad’s placement. Bid high to have your ad placed on popular places like on social media or Google. You can also go for a niche ad placement where you know your audience will notice it.

Doing the latter is a great way to reduce costs while being relevant to your customers. Regardless of which method you go for, ensure the quality of your ads is top-notch. Google and other search engines always consider the ad’s quality before the bid’s amount.

4. Setup Geo-Fenced Ads

Geofencing is a good way to establish your online presence in your local area. Anyone with an internet connection in the area will receive push notifications about your services on their mobile device. This is an effective online marketing tactic if you provide a service that provides convenience for them, like delivery services.

This will also work on anyone who enters the geofenced area. They get a notification to notify them about your business. It’s a great way to entice tourists or newcomers to engage with your services.

5. Grind Out Content

If you want a successful marketing campaign in the long term, posting content is the way to go. Videos, images, or blogs make for great options for content to post. These keep your audience engaged and inform them more about your services.

Doing this also makes you into an authority figure in your area. They will look to you for advice and tips regarding anything in your area of expertise.

The best benefit you can get from posting content is that you’ll be an active website. Content updates mean you don’t become an inactive website in the eyes of SEO bots. This prevents your website from getting removed from the SERP.

6. Engage with Your Audience

Another way to keep yourself relevant to your audience is to engage with them. You can do this in many ways, such as having a comment section on your website. Doing this allows you to answer their questions whenever they have them.

The best way to engage with your audience is to have excellent customer service. This is better than having to deal with inquiries by yourself. Training your staff to be comforting presences will make people like your brand better.

You can also engage with your audience by creating a social media profile for your brand. People spend most of their time on the internet on platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Doing this allows them to reach you with no trouble in case of questions.

This improves your local reputation since most communities have close ties together. Getting one of them as a loyal customer means you stand to gain the rest as customers, too.

Improve Your Local Marketing Strategy Today


Having a great local marketing strategy ensures your business comes out on top. Use these tips to get and stay ahead of the competition with a good marketing strategy today!

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