The Customer Transformation Grid

People don’t buy products or services…

They buy transformation.

When somebody decides to deal with your business and buy from you, what they’re really buying into is a desired end outcome.

As such, it’s essential that any good Digital Marketing campaign or even just the content you produce effectively articulates that transformation from “Before” to “After.

Here are some of the biggest questions you’ll want to explore to really get crystal clear on this:

✅What is your prospects situation in the “BEFORE” state and how will that change “AFTER” using your product/service

✅How does your prospect feel in their “BEFORE” state and how does how does that feeling change “AFTER” using your product/service

✅What’s an average like for your prospect in the “BEFORE” state and how does that day look “AFTER” using your product/services

✅What does all of this mean for your prospect in the “BEFORE” state and what does it ultimately mean for them “AFTER” having this transformed

The Before & After Transformation Worksheet

With help from our friends over at Digital Marketer, we’ve created a Transformation Grid for you to use for your business. Just click the image below to download your FREE worksheet.

Blank Before & After Transformation Grid worksheet

Here’s an example using our own company.

How do we help our customers achieve a positive transformation in their lives?

We’re going to use our “Small Business Owners” avatar with our “Elevate Launchpad” offer.

We’ve drawn on our experience of working with clients in this space and speaking to hundreds of small business owners about their day-to-day work:

Before & After Transformation Grid worksheet with examples

Can you begin to see how powerful this can be for your marketing?

An average marketing campaign will only talk about how the situation changes.

Great marketing on the other hand speaks to the complete transformation.

How will their day look?

How will it make them feel?

And what does all of this TRULY mean for the customer?

How To Use The Transformation Worksheet In Your Marketing

This can be an incredibly helpful exercise when it comes to creating content and writing copy for your marketing.

Be sure to address the before and after states in your marketing copy to create a powerful message that hooks your audience.

It’s also worth noting here that transformation can come in all shapes and sizes!

People are generally looking for a transformation in one specific area of their lives:

➡️Social Status & Apperance

➡️Health & Wellness



It doesn’t matter what you’re selling, there will be a much deeper reason driving that decision…

For example, people that buy landscape gardeners, may be seeking the social status it gives them. The ability to have the best-looking garden in the neighborhood for example! 

This worksheet should also be used when looking at your buyer journey and ensuring that each step of the journey is bringing them closer to that desired “After” state they have.

Also, be sure to complete this worksheet for ALL of your customer avatars and the different product/services you offer, because each segment will likely go through a different transformation.

How To Use The Transformation Worksheet For Pricing

The distance between the “Before” and “After” states on the transformation worksheet ultimately become the value or your product or service.

Illustration Of The Value Gap from current to desired state with arrow pointing upwards

Do you want to charge more for your products and services?

If so, simply create more distance between the “Before” and desired “After” state.

You can do this by either:

  • Creating a better product or service for your customers
  • Articulating the movement from “Before” to “After” more clearly

It can also be a good idea to create a low value in your business to offer customers a small initial transformation. This could also come in the form of a free lead magnet.

Doing this can help build trust and credibility in your brand while keeping the initial risk low on their part.

Once you’ve then proved you can help by giving them that initial transformation. They are significantly more likely to buy your higher-priced product or service.

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