Competitor Analysis & Audit

Watch us research and dissect the digital marketing strategies of your key competitors to help you create a unique strategy to stand out and thrive online

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Cost per acquisition rising or conversion rates declining?

One of our experienced strategists will research and dissect the digital marketing strategies that your top 3 competitors are using to scale their business.

This detailed competitor analysis will include everything from their organic search (SEO) traffic, to their social media strategy, to their paid media strategy. Once we’ve covered this, we will also advise you on the best approach to differentiate and exploit any weaknesses that could give you an advantage.

Big improvement in conversions

“Seeing a big improvement on conversions jumping from around 3-4% to well over 10% over the space of a month”


John Shaw – Marketing Manager

500% increase in sales

“Since working with Elevate, we’ve had a 500% increase in sales, the conversion rate on the website has also doubled


Zalmy Horowitz – Managing Director

What’s included in your video competitor audit?

✅A detailed video audit of up to 3 of your key competitors

✅Organic analysis on search engines like google to social media on the exact content they are using to generate traffic and leads

✅Where and how they are investing in paid media campaigns like LinkedIn, Facebook or Google Ads

✅Our suggestions on how you can best stand out and compete against them (even without the same level of budget and resources)

Just £499+VAT

Got questions about our competitor audit & analysis service?

How and when will the audit be delivered?

Once we have carried out our research, we will send you a personalised video screenshare via email. We will be breaking down how your top competitors are currently acquiring traffic and their most-likely acuqisition sources. We will also be advising you on the best strategies for you based on your current websites/circumstances You’ll receive your audit within 2-3 business days of booking. (please note, there are some acquisition channels that may not be visible online such as offline partners – We can only review digital channels that are driving traffic to the website).

Can I give more than 3 competitors
We will audit a maximum of 3 as we believe anything above this is overkill and like to be counterproductive, but feel free to share more. From the companies you provide us, we will find the 3 who pose the most threat and have the biggest digital presence to include in our audit
How do you find your information?
We use a range of tools from SEMRush to platform specific ad libraries. This allows us to view the exact strategies, content and search terms that companies are utilsing online to generate traffic and leads. Obviously we can’t tell you which leads are converting, however, we can give you pretty good estimates on things like website or campaign conversion rates based on our experience reviewing the analytics of hundreds of sites over the past few years in almost every indsutry.

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