LinkedIn Launches LinkedIn Stories

LinkedIn have just started rolling out their new LinkedIn Stories feature as well as a new layout and UI for the platform. Currently the changes seem to be limited to the US but they should be coming to other countries, including the UK very soon.

What Are LinkedIn Stories?

If you’re familiar with LinkedIn or Instagram stories, LinkedIn’s new Stories feature will work in the same way.

Effectively, it will allow you to share a full-screen video, image or post that will be visible for 24 hours.

Each “story” is typically broken down into a 15 second (or less) clip, but will be played in sequence if you wanted to record something longer or share multiple moments throughout the day.

Stories are often a nice diversion from the typical high-production, polished videos or posts you see in the feed. To the contrary, stories are more raw and authentic often being recorded on a phone or whilst on the move.

LinkedIn Stories Feature on Iphone

What Are LinkedIn Stories For?

Ultimately, it’s entirely up to you how you use the new Stories feature on LinkedIn. 

However, if you’re new to Stories, it’s worth pointing out that they can be an EXTREMELY effective way at building trust and a sense of connection/relatedness to your followers.

In an age where brand trust is rapidly declining and both consumers and businesses are rebelling against cold faceless corporations; Stories are a great way to show up and share authentically with your audience.

A lot of people use Stories as a way to document the day to day activities, either sharing personal thoughts or just showing what’s happening. But ultimately this is a new form of self-expression that will allow your potential clients to get to know you and your team.

Think of Stories as your companies own mini reality TV show!

New LinkedIn UI & Feature Updates To Messaging

The team at LinkedIn have also been busy designing a new UI for the platform with a more modern look and feel in response to the rapidly growing 700M+ user base.

The new UI will make it easier to search and join groups and communities that are relevant to you, your interests, or your business.

New LinkedIn user interface from September 2020 showing new UI on apple macbook

There are also a number of new features coming to LinkedIn Messenger, such as the ability to create and launch a Zoom or Microsoft Team meeting directly from chat.

If you’re new to LinkedIn and are still trying to find your way around the platform. Be sure to check out my recent video on how to get started and begin building your presence.

What are your thoughts on LinkedIn and the new features? 

Let me know in the comments below! 👇💭

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