4 Golden Rules To Increase Your Landing Page Conversion Rate

So you’ve set up your shiny new landing page and started driving traffic.

Audience targeting is on point and you’re getting tonnes of clicks!

So far so good right?

It’s the moment of truth; you check your emails each day, expecting see those leads and scale flooding in, but…


No One Page GIF

Or at least not quite the floods you were hoping for!

It happens to all of us and it usually means your landing page just doing a good enough job at enticing those visitors to act or alleviating their fears.

 The good news is, you can signifcantly increase you landing page conversion rate by asking yourself 4 critical questions.

1. Is my OFFER compelling enough to get people to act?

Blue cartoon man standing with large magnet, making compelling offer

Consider for a moment that it doesn’t matter what industry you’re in. There are THOUSANDS of other businesses likely all screaming the same thing to your potential customers.

Couple that with the fact that people are more sceptical than ever when it comes to handing over their card information or even just an email address.

Your landing page offer needs to do 3 things in a very short space of time:

✅Amplify a genuine pain your audience has and get them to agree (through the use of good copywriting)

✅Present a compelling solution (something they haven’t heard before and take a unique angle)

✅Reverse the risk and address their concerns (think about a guarantee you could offer or consider using more social proof)

Go through each of these one by one and where possible, test your new landing page on some people outside your company who are a similar fit to your customer avatar.

It’s also worth running a split test against your current landing page and tracking the conversion rate over the space of a month to see how the results stack up. 

So what if you know you’ve got a great offer… but for some reason the landing page just isn’t resonate?

Well, now you need to ask yourself…

2. Does my landing page clearly articulate my offer?

Man standing at laptop writing copy on big paper

Poor copywriting is often one of the biggest killers for landing page conversion rate.

This is no time to be humble or play your offer down…

Remember, people aren’t short on options; you need to make it crystal clear why they should take action or more importantly why NOW.

Here are some things to ask yourself.

– Am I clearly demonstrating the before & after transformation that will occur when somebody signs up or makes a purchase?

– Is the copy talking DOWN to the audience? (Don’t TELL your customer they are doing it wrong; instead, use storytelling to help them see their may be a better way)

– Does my copy address and acknowledge the visitors concerns/doubts?

– Can I use social proof and/or scarcity to help people make a decision?

– Is this copy short but concise? (Always think about how you can say more, with less words)

3. Is my landing page design optimised for conversions and is it congruent with the traffic source?

Different design elements of a landing page

This is usually what people think of when they hear the word conversion rate optimisation.

And whilst changing and testing different design elements and page layouts can increase conversion rate. They are usually more marginal gains than the first two questions we covered.

However, even an increase of 5% can be significant when you’re driving high volumes of traffic to your website or landing page.

This side of things usually consists or two elements:

– Source congruency

Source congruency is about ensuring there is no or little disconnect between the ad or post itself and the page people land on.

We often see this with businesses offering multiple services or products.

For example if you run an accountancy firm and you have an ad specifically talking about tax, but you’re then driving people to the home page which has a headline of “small business accountants”. There is a disconnect between what people clicked on and where they landed.

You may be thinking the two terms are related and you may well mention tax further down in the page, but people won’t wait around.

This is another thing we see destroy conversion rates time and time again.

Be sure you’re sending them to the relevant page on your website or a specific landing page for that particular product/service.

Even the colours, font, tone of voice and layout can play a part in this. Here’s an example of good source congruency from our friends at Digital Marketer

Facebook Ad From Digital Marketer Facebook Ad Templates
Digital Marketer Landing Page With Facebook Ad Libary Template Optimised To Increase Conversion Rate

You’ll notice the consistency in the animated designs as well as some of the wording like “copy & past templates” or “11 word ad that netted $208,485”.

In other words, just be sure to give people what they were expecting to get.

– Page layout and design

Page layout and design on the other hand is more about testing the conversion rate across different layouts and design elements to see what works better.

This could be anything from:

– Button colours

– Button CTA (ie Download Now, Get Your Templates, Sign Me Up, etc…)

– Form fields and form type

– Positioning of elements on the page

– Above the fold content (the first thing people see when they land on the page before scrolling)

Here’s another example from Digital Marketer with a differnet variation of the landing page above.

Digital Marketer Old Facebook Ad Template Library Landing Page

You’ll notice they use a different structure and layout of the page as well as having an embedded form on the page. The initial design on the other hand used a single button that has a pop-up form when clicked.

One won’t always nesecarily work better than the other and it’s important to test these elements over time.

4. Is your audience who you think they are?

Businessman with bow and arrow and target, off the mark

If you’ve gone through and checked off all of the above and you’re still receiving little to no conversions on your landing page.

You likely have a targeting issue, if you’re getting clicks on the ad but no conversions, the ad itself may be evoking curiosity but not really speaking to a particular customer audience.

If this is the case, it may be worth revisiting your customer avatar and re-thinking your targeting and ad copy. 

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