4 Tips on How To Drive Traffic to Your Site

You’ve got a great website, but it’s not doing as well as you’d hoped…

So how exactly do you make it successful?

There are many ways to make your website more noticeable. Today, we’ve gathered four of the best tips and suggestions that can help you drive high-quality traffic to your site. Read on to learn more!


Advertising is one of the best options for any business that wants to get themselves out there. The beautiful thing about advertising your business is that it’s such a versatile option. Here are a few of the ways you can go.

Social Media Presence

In today’s day and age, a social media presence is as powerful as ever. Those with a good social media platform can reach a lot of people. In this way, it almost acts like a free way to advertise.

Having a good presence on the various social media allows you to passively advertise your business. Your followers will see your content every day. If you share content from your website, your followers may end up sharing it on their own platforms, which will increase traffic to your site.

A social media presence is also helpful when you need to announce important updates involving your business. Especially in today’s climate, as a business, you can publicly side with certain matters that align with your business vision and mission. In doing so, you ca help increase your website traffic.

It’s also worth considering that givers get on social media!

If you want to increase the engagement and interaction on your posts. Be sure to engage with others, join groups and communities and become an active member. Reciprocity is real; when you engage with others, they’re much more likely to engage with your content. 

In turn, the social media algorithms will then show this post to more people and boost your overall visibility! So don’t forget to engage with others!

Social Media Ads

While similar to a social media presence, taking out ads on social media can be much more effective. With over 3.8 billion active social media users, putting your ads in the right place can do great things for your business.

You’ll first want to look at the demographics of your current audience. Do they use social media? If they do, then identifying which social media platform is most popular amongst them is crucial.

Finding out that information can tell you which social media to target your ads to first, but don’t let this keep you in a bubble. You will also need to branch out to other audiences (within practicality of course) and other social media platforms so your following can grow. Social media ads are seen by millions of people a day and can greatly bump up the traffic to your website.

Email Marketing

Because of this new age, we’re in, email seems to have become obsolete. This couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, 99% of consumers actually check their email every single day.

So if you were on the fence about email marketing, hop on over because email marketing is a great way to spread the word about your business. We’re talking about sharing your content, giving business updates, and everything your company needs. Overall, it’s a great way to get website traffic.

Headlines Are More Important Than You Think

If there is one thing people tend to remember most from their old English class, it’s you always need a good hook to draw people in. It’s no different for blog posts than it is for five-paragraph essays.

The headline is the very first thing from your blog post that the consumer sees. If that headline is dull and boring, don’t expect major traffic to it. If your headline is unique and intriguing, then not only will you draw in more of your current audience, but you’re also more likely to draw in others that don’t traditionally view your content.

SEO Can Help You Out

For those who aren’t already familiar with SEO, it’s a great way to increase traffic to your website.

SEO stands for search engine optimization. By filling your article with certain keywords, your blog post will be more likely to appear when someone searches the topic online.

If you aren’t sure what kind of keywords to use in your article, try checking out Ahrefs Keywords Explorer. If you put in a few words or a phrase, you’ll probably just put your topic in, then it’ll come up with a list of keywords and different stats for each of them. It’s a great place to start.

Guest Posts

Guest posts can be a great help to all businesses. You can do this two ways.

The first is to write for another blog. In doing so, the owner or business of said blog will typically allow you to link back to your website. Obviously this increases traffic greatly and even more so should you look into good SEO.

Another way to do this is the opposite: invite another blog to write for you. There is a good chance that they’ll share the article and they may even link back to a guest post that you wrote. Either way, guest posts can increase the traffic to your site a lot.

Still Wondering How to Drive Traffic to Your Site?

Simply try out one of the above methods. Any of them is a great way to get started and gain traffic. But you also need to do what you think is best for your business. Be sure to keep researching and do what you think is best.

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