10 Critical Elements For An Irresistible Offer

One of the biggest reasons most websites fail to convert visitors into a sale is because their offer simply isn’t compelling enough…

And with more competition out there than ever, creating your own irresistible offer (sometimes referred to as a Godfather offer) is essential if you’re looking to stand out from the noise.

It’s important to note, that creating an irresistible offer isn’t about discounts, or coupons. It comes down to the way you package and frame your value proposition as a business.

If you haven’t already pinpointed the TRUE value proposition of your business; Be sure to check out our guide on how to create a compelling value proposition.

Here’s the thing…

You have to remember, there are likely hundreds, if not thousands of other businesses all doing the same thing as you…

All making the same claims and the promises…

So why should anybody listen to you?

Well, in the words of Don Corleone… you have to make them an offer they can’t refuse!

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Here are 10 critical elements and questions to ask in order to make a truly irresistible offer that your audience will struggle to turn down.

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The Irresistible Offer Template & Checklist

These 10 critical questions will help you consruct your own irresistible offer.

Remember, if it doesn’t make you stop and say…”am I crazy offering this” there’s a good chance, it’ll get easily overlooked and blend into a sea of noise.

1. What goals and pains do my audience actually have?

As with any form of marketing, it always start with the audience first.

You probably already have an idea on this otherwise you wouldn’t be in business, but take a step back here. A fresh perspective can change everything!

If you want to make a truly compelling off that your audience will find it hard to refuse, you have to first dive into their world and think about the pains they are currently facing, and the goals they have for the future.

What do they want to get done that they can’t currently achieve and how could your offer help them accomplish this?

2. How can I make this offer better than anything else out there?

The next thing to do is look at a list of your competitors offerings.

Take notice of any guarantees they offer or anything they bundle in to make the offer more compelling and appealing.

Once you’ve looked at about 10 of your top competitors, ask yourself what you can do take give MORE value than ANY of your competitors.

3. How can I make my potential customer’s life easier whilst also bringing them closer to their goals?

We live in a world of speed and convenience.

You only need to look at the growth of Uber, Amazon & Netflix to see that!

Always be asking yourself what can you do to make the process easier than any of your competition.

Because if you don’t… somebody else will!

4. Can I splinter this offer and create a more attractive entry point offer?

Entry point offers are extremely underitlised but can be a ridiculously effective way of skyrocketing your revenue whilst also building more trust with customers.

Let’s say your lowest value product or service currently costs £200.

Take a look and see if there a way you can take small but valuable part of that main offer and create a separate offer at a lower price point?

This is often known as an entry-point offer and it’s a way of getting your customers to make that all important first transaction by lowering the barrier for entry.

Remember, people are naturally sceptical, so by doing this, you have the ability to build that trust with people who wouldn’t have given you a chance before.

This is your opportunity to now prove to them that you can deliver the goods!

5. What problem do they want to solve right now?

Following on from splintering your offer; consider that when people first discover a problem, they don’t necessarily want the underlying cure… they just want to relieve the pain.

By meeting people where they’re at right now and offering something to relieve that initial pain, you have the opportunity to earn that trust and then educate them into why your “cure” is the way to go.

For example, a chiropractor offering spinal adjustments could think about offering a “5 ways to relieve your back pain from home” guide.

This would help the customer solve the initial problem they have whilst building trust and credibility.

And even if they aren’t ready to buy the full product just yet; guess who’s going to be the first person they think of when they are ready?

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6. How can I reverse the risk or add a BOLD guarantee?

Take time to look at every element of your product offering under a scrutinous and sceptical lens.

Pretend like you were looking at an offer from one of your competitors…

What kind of doubts, concerns or assumptions would you have?

Think about some ways you can reverse that risk or a potential guarantee you could offer that will make you stand out from the competition?

Our friends over at Digital Marketer created an awesome article about Crafting a Guarantee That Builds Trust & Increase Sales.

7. Does my offer clearly articulate the transformation?

People don’t buy products and services; they buy the transformation those products or service create.

Even if you’re selling a lawn mower, consider you aren’t just selling fresh lawns. You’re potentially selling…

  • A sense of pride about having the best garden on the street
  • More time to spend with family as they no longer have to waste time fixing unreliable lawnmowers

Make sure you fully understand the transformation you are offering your potential customers and that you are clearly articulating that.

Check out our article and worksheet here for mapping out your customers before & after transformation.

8. Do I have social proof/testimonials I can leverage?

Sometimes all it takes is one or two raving fans, to make a HUGE impact on your business growth.

As you’ll no doubt be aware though, every customer is different!

Some are just more…expressive than others!

For example, you could achieve the exact same results for two people and one will never stop talking about how you changed their life; whilst the other will simply thank you and leave a 5 star review.

Find your “raving fans” and ask them to write a review or even a video if you can (these can be incredibly powerful for increasing conversions). Oh, and if you don’t already, consider offering a referral/affiliate scheme!

9. Can I use scarcity/urgency?

Are you able to inject scarcity or urgency into your offer?

Do you have a product or service that has limited capacity or availability?

If so, utilise this!

Scarcity can be another extremely effective way of increasing conversions by making your offer more compelling.

Groupon are an example of a business who do this to great effect!

10. Is my offer worth 10x what I’m charging?

Russel Brunson once said the model he uses when checking an offer is simple. He asks himself “Is this offer worth 10x what I’m charging for it?”

And that doesn’t just mean charging 10x more than what everybody else is charging…

It’s about creating an offer that is 10x more valuable to YOUR customer than what everyone else is offering.

Again this takes really dialling into your customer avatar and knowing what’s truly important to them.

Examples Of A Compelling, Irresistible Offer

Casper Mattresses has a great example of an irresistible offer in the D2C space. Their landing page is full of social proof and elements that make buying absolutely effortless.

They also include lots of compelling stats that make it extremely hard to say no to

Casper Mattress Comeplling Stats

The icing on the cake is the guarantee they offer, just look at this…

Casper Mattresses Irresistible Offer Guarantee

If you’re in the market for a mattress, you can’t really argue with that!

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