How We Helped A Coach Turn £1,000 of Ad Spend Into Over £32,000 Of Sales In Just 4 Weeks

the problem

This client came to us as they were looking to launch a new coaching program in 4 weeks time but did not have anywhere the amount of leads they wanted for the launch.

what we found

Whilst the client was doing a great job with their organic and social media marketing; the volume just wasn’t there.

They needed a way to accelerate their lead generation within a VERY short time frame. By working with the client on their customer avatar and identifying the KEY pain points; we got to work on building a powerful Facebook marketing campaign. 

the transformation

Due to the extremely short time frame, we did a series a rapid-fire tests with multiple different ad groups, creatives and copy.

The key here was to fail fast and fail often by quickly cutting low performing ad groups, whilst optimising the high performing variants.

The campaign directly spoke to the pain points of the avatar and directed them to a free 5 Day Challenge within the clients Facebook Group.

We achieved a cost per lead into the Facebook Group for just under £6; which by the end of the challenge resulted in over £32,000 of sales for the clients new launch.


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