How We Helped A Client Achieve An 800% Increase In Lead Generation With A New Website

the problem

When this client came to us, they were at their wits end! Having been let down my a number of Agencies in the past, they were understanably skeptical but decided to give us a chance.

Their current website was only generating 1 enquiry a month organically (if they were lucky!) and the PPC campaign they were running showed ZERO returns over the course of a year, despite thousands in ad spend and continued promises!

what we found

After reviewing the website, we found the copy was not speaking to the audience and only talked about their services. It also didn’t clearly communicate their value give potential clients any reason to speak with them over their competitors.

The website was also difficult to navigate with dull and uninspired contact forms.

Conversion Rate Increase Case Study Website - Elevate Digital

the transformation

We booked an initial workshop to identify their key differentiators and find some ways to help them stand out from the noise! We suggested a new website that directly addresses the pains, fears and doubts of their potential clients and shows why people should deal with them above the competition.

We also proposed building out a custom quote calculator to make it as easy as possible for potential clients to engage.

After 1 month of implementing the new website, they saw an 800% increase in leads and we are now amplifying this with a new tiered PPC campaign focused on ROI and maximum profitability

Conversion Rate Increase Case Study Website - Elevate Digital

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