How We Helped A Client Boost Their Website Conversions by 97%

the problem

This client was struggling to make a profit from their marketing and weren’t getting enough conversions from their online store.

They were also struggling to maintain profitability on their marketing on sales overall

what we found

After working with them to review the entire customer journey, we found there was a major disconnect between the website and their marketing.

They were also losing money on some products due to varying shipping and packaging costs and a lack of visibility on the analytics.

the transformation

Equipped with these insights, we started by making some changes to the website as well as tightening up the overall marketing strategy to be more congrugent and consistent.

We also created a proftiability tracker and introuced new shipping rules to ensure they weren’t losing money!

Finally, we set up conversion tracking pixels on the website and fully configured their analytics to ensure we can track the data and optimise results over time.

This led to a 96% increase in conversion rate and consistent profits from each sale.

Conversion Rate Increase Case Study Website - Elevate Digital

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