How We Helped An Event Company Achieve Up To 57x Return On Ad Spend (ROAS)

the problem

This client ran events and retreats globally and was having a hard time tracking the returns from her advertising.

She didn’t have visibility over performance so we helped her set up a conversion tracking pixel and found the ads she’d be running were actually costing more than they were making her!

what we found

We found the campaigns were being shown in the wrong places and the keywords were far too broad and didn’t demonstrate buyer intent.

The client was also focusing on too many different things at once; meaning they were never making any signficant traction or progress.

the transformation

We set up a custom landing page and helped her set up a number of new campaigns targeting each stage of the funnel.

This helps to build trust with the audience over time leading to lower cost-per-conversions at the back end.

The new campaigns generated a minumum of 10x return on ad spend with one even generating a 57x return!

That’s £57 for every £1 spent!

Facebook Ads 57x ROAS Case Study Elevate Digital

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