How we helped a D2C brand achieve an 879% increase in revenue

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About The Client

This D2C phone accessories brand launched to great initial success, primarily marketing on social media and was doing around £20-£30k per month across both Amazon and their D2C website.

The problem…

Despite their initial success, they had hit a plateau in sales.

The founder had ramped up their content across a range of social media channels, but found the sales had stopped increasing, despite the huge increase on overall content production and even hiring a social media manager to post across multiple channels.

They were left feeling overworked and burned out with barely enough time to focus on new product development which was what they most enjoyed.

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Our findings…

After closely analysing the Shopify sales figures as well as the data in Google Analytics, we found that YouTube had a higher conversion rate than all other social media channels combined.

This is a common thread we see, where businesses and marketers often think that more content or posts will lead to more sales. But the majority of the time, there are usually 1 or 2 core channels that bring in the majority of the sales.

Focusing on optimising and scaling these core channels, instead of going wider, will generally lead to much faster growth

Our solution…

Armed with this information we helped the founder build out an organic strategy for YouTube, involving creating content that answered key questions, potential buyers might be search for (before they even know their product exists) and also doing interviews, and collaborations with other influencers in the space.

This led to their highest revenue month to date, generating over £160k in sales from their website alone the following month and a 490% increase in website traffic.

Increase In Traffic & Revenue Case Study

Overall results achieved 📈


Increase In Revenue


Increase In Website Traffic

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