3 Reasons You Should Invest In Your Personal Brand

If you’ve been on the fence about creating a personal brand, you’re not alone!

Some people love them, some hate them! The truth is, there are valid arguments for both sides.

One argument is that a personal brand can sometimes end up outshining the reputation or legacy of the business.

This can put incredible strain and responsibility on the individual and their ability to ever remove themselves from the business.

But when you dig a little deeper there are plenty of ways to avoid that outcome and still reap the benefits of building a personal brand.

Here are some of the reasons we think a personal brand can be a critical part of business growth.


Reason 1: A personal brand gives you more leverage and flexibility

The first major advantage you have when it comes to building a personal brand is the leverage it gives you.

Your brand will naturally evolve over time and even though your vision should remain the same throughout, your priorities, objectives, and overall business direction will likely change.

There is also a chance that you may want to launch a new venture in future.

So having an audience you can bring with you into those new ventures a huge advantage.

Reason 2: Having a personal brand allows your audience to build a stronger connection with you

It’s no secret that consumers have become less-trusting of larger corporations over the past few years.

This has opened up huge opportunities for online influencers, bloggers, vloggers and personal brands to step in.

Creating a personal brand is incredible way of creating positive impact in people’s lives. It also gives you the opportunity of reaching your audience on a deeper, more meaningful level.

GaryVee is a perfect example of somebody who’s leveraged his own brand to build incredible connections with his audience.

By dropping the need of ‘looking good’ and letting his fans follow his day-to-day movements; people begin to feel like they know him, even when they’ve met him before.

This can be incredibly powerful from both an impact and an infulence standpoint

Gary Vee Personal Brand Video Post With Title Give Love

Reason 3: It encourages growth and personal accountability

When you put yourself at the forefront of your brand, it encourages and pushes you to keeping growing and learning new things.

A culture of personal growth and development is crucial for any business or brand to survive in the long-term. But when you have a personal brand, it forces you to really take a long hard look at yourself.

Pushing you to strive to become better each and every day.

No matter how experienced you are, you will undoubtedly make mistakes and fail.

Owning these mistakes will not only make you stronger over time but will also help to show your audience that you’re human.

It can also help to further reinforce that connection by making you feel more real and relatable.

This is something which is often lost in authority figures who are seen as just ‘lucky’ or ‘gifted’.


I’d love to hear your thoughts though and if you’re currently working on a personal brand! Drop me a comment below or get in touch!

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