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Our Approach to Digital Marketing Is Centred Around YOU!


Elevate Digital is an award-winning Digital agency with a goal of helping our customers achieve their dreams and aspirations and provide REAL results.

We believe marketing without passion and connection, will NEVER achieve maximum results or impact.

We LOVE what we do and that’s why we ONLY want to work with brands and businesses that feel the same way.

That’s what makes us different – we decided several months into our Agency that we were only going to start working with passionate business owners so we can share in that excitement to deliver results and ROI like nobody else can

Our ultimate goal is to provide an unparalleled experience for our customers and create HUGE positive impact in the world by working exclusively with passion-based brands to spread the impact far and wide!

Our mission, is your mission

Our Awesome Team

Tom Peyton

Tom Peyton

Co-Founder & Tech Wizard

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Jane Pak

Jane Pak

Co-Founder & Design Director

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Our Values


We’re not ‘just another agency’

There’s a fundamental shift in the way consumers deal with brands – just running Facebook ads won’t work anymore. Without true passion, understanding and authentic connection with their audience, brands will NEVER achieve maximum results or impact. We go deeper than anyone else to help passionate entrepreneurs get crystal clear on their marketing strategy, create meaningful engagements and elevate their results to new heights!


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